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Top Line: Stars complete playoff picture; Captain Canada calls it quits; more links

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The Dallas Stars snapped a six-year playoff drought with a 3-0 win over the St. Louis Blues on Friday.

The Dallas Stars snapped a six-year playoff drought with a 3-0 win over the St. Louis Blues on Friday. (LM Otero/AP)

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning’s must-read hockey stories:

• It was fitting that Trevor Daley, the only player remaining from Dallas’ last playoff team, scored the goal that clinched a 3-0 win over the St. Louis Blues and returned the Stars to the postseason for the first time since 2008. And what a game that was by Tyler Seguin: 11 shots, 16 attempts, a breathtaking power play goal and a relentless defensive effort. Easily the best I’ve seen him play as a pro.

• Clinching a playoff berth might finally allow the Stars to move on from the past and boldly into the future.

• The loss was the fifth straight for a St. Louis team that is falling apart at the worst possible time. Injuries are killing the Blues. They could have as many as seven regulars out of the lineup for this weekend’s finale.

• Ryan Smyth, who announced his retirement Friday night after 18 seasons in the NHL, will be remembered for a tireless work ethic and some of the best flow hockey has ever seen.

• He retires as an Oiler, but Smyth will always be Captain Canada.

• Matt Larkin makes the case for an Alexander Ovechkin/Evgeni Malkin trade…and it’s not anywhere near as crazy as it sounds.

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  • Published On Apr 12, 2014
  • Deadline 2014: Early NHL trade and rumor round-up

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    Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks was traded to Florida

    Roberto Luongo’s departure may be part of an exodus from Vancouver that includes Ryan Kesler. (Getty Images)

    By Allan Muir

    With the NHL’s Wednesday 3 P.M. ET trade deadline fast approaching, the rumor mill is cranking full time and bodies are starting to fly. Here’s what we are finding through various sources in social media. We’ll update the page throughout the day as more grist flows in. For now, though, some updates on notable names that have been in the news of late. And we have some early deals and at least one stunner:

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  • Published On Mar 04, 2014
  • Top Line: Hurt feelings after Olympic roster rejections; more links

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    Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets

    Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson is still smarting after not making Team USA. (Michael Martin/Getty Images)

    By Allan Muir

    An annotated guide to this morning’s must-read hockey stories:

    • A week after the announcement of Team USA at the Winter Classic, Jack Johnson is still feeling the sting of being left off the roster … and it sounds like he harbors a little ill will toward his own coach for not supporting his candidacy. It’s a tough spot for Todd Richards to be in, and it illustrates again why we’re not likely to get another inside look at the selection process in the future.

    • Claude Giroux’s Flyers teammates were gutted to learn that their captain had been snubbed by Team Canada.

    • Players who failed to make the cut this year may have missed their last Olympic chance. With the 2018 Games set for South Korea, it’s a good bet that the NHL will skip the show.

    • Luke Fox offers 25 lessons learned from Team Canada’s selection process.

    • One (usually) elite player understands why he doesn’t fit into Team Canada’s plans.

    • Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman’s integrity and courage were on display in his decision not to select Martin St. Louis.

    • St. Louis was still too emotional after the Lightning’s win last night to talk about being left off Team Canada.

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  • Published On Jan 08, 2014
  • The USA Sochi Olympics all-snubbed hockey team

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    Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson was left off the 2014 USA Olympic hockey team.

    Blueliner Jack Johnson’s fire will likely be missed in big games. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

    By Allan Muir

    A look at the worthy players who were left out when the roster for Team USA was announced today in Ann Arbor:

    MUIR: Cuts show depth, potential of Team USA


    Ben Bishop (Tampa Bay Lightning): No American has more wins or a better save percentage than the 27-year-old, but his lack of experience hurt. He would have been slotted at No. 3 at best, so he was unlikely to have seen action in any case.

    Cory Schneider (New Jersey Devils): A real talent and a big-game player, but he’s never really got his feet under him since his trade to the Devils.

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  • Published On Jan 01, 2014
  • SHANABANNED! Patrick Kaleta gets 10 games for head shot on Jack Johnson

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    By Allan Muir

    By suspending Buffalo forward Patrick Kaleta for 10 games this evening, Brendan Shanahan just did everyone in the NHL a favor. Including the Sabres.

    Responding to yet another cheap shot delivered by the marginally skilled forward, this time on Columbus defender Jack Johnson, the Sheriff made the game a little safer and opened up a roster spot in Buffalo for someone who can actually play a little hockey.

    A least for the next few weeks.

    Here’s what Shanahan had to say in the video:

    “Kaleta approaches Johnson from the side and finishes a check directly to Johnson’s head. Kaleta takes an improper angle, misses Johnson’s body and does not make a full body check. Instead, he hits Johnson directly on the chin with his left shoulder.

    “No matter who delivered this hit, it would have resulted in supplemental discipline. However, the fact that it was delivered by a player who has been fined or suspended six times in the last four seasons, the last time just 21 games ago, factors heavily into the severity of the decision.”

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  • Published On Oct 15, 2013
  • Tommy Lasorda snubs Jack Johnson after ceremonial puck drop

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    By Allan Muir

    We’re not quite sure what was behind the Dodgers’ Pride Night that the Los Angeles Kings hosted on Thursday night. It’s not like the defending Cup champs needed to coat-tail off a team that just got swept by the Padres and is averaging a whopping 2.73 runs per game, but maybe the chance to work up a pregame sweat in Dodger Blue warm-ups was too great to pass on.

    And hey, any chance to wheel 85-year-old legend Tommy Lasorda out in front of an adoring L.A. crowd is probably worth the effort, right?

    Sort of. Lasorda, on hand for the ceremonial puck drop, has probably looked happier on his way to see the proctologist than he did as he waddled out to center ice where Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson were waiting. He chatted briefly with the Kings’ captain, dropped the biscuit, shook hands with Brown…and then turned his back and walked away, completely blowing off the Blue Jackets’ Johnson.

    Now, etiquette states that the puck dropper shake the hands of both players, but maybe Lasorda was unaware of that fine hockey tradition. It’s possible, right?

    Nope. The snub was intentional. “You do not talk to the opposition,” he later told a Fox Sports reporter.

    What a competitor.

    Johnson appeared to take it well, smiling as he skated off.

  • Published On Apr 19, 2013
  • Top Line: Pens/Jackets trade rumors fly, Schneider’s sweet new mask, more links

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    Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson may be traded to the Penguins.

    On the move? Blue Jackets blueliner Jack Johnson is close to returning from a shoulder injury. (Russell Lansford/Icon SMI)

    By Allan Muir

    A guide to this morning’s must-read hockey stories:

    • Three members of Columbus’ front office took in last night’s Penguins-Bolts game, leading to speculation that Jack Johnson could be headed to Pittsburgh. The Pens are looking for a signed, veteran blueliner, and have some young D-men to deal, making them an ideal partner for the Jackets. Add in Johnson’s friendship with Sidney Crosby and this one makes a lot of sense. We’ll see…

    • Whether they make a deal or not, Jarmo Kekalainen and the Jackets’ crew picked a good night to take in a game. Evgeni Malkin added another clip to his highlight reel as the Pens edged the Lightning in a thriller.

    • Cory Schneider is having a new mask painted up to wear when the Vancouver Canucks wear their Millionaires tribute sweaters. And it is a beauty. And since we’re on the subject of masks, here’s the look that new Carolina starter Dan Ellis will be rocking.

    • Speaking of Ellis, here’s another voice echoing my sentiment that the Hurricanes need help on the blueline more than another goalie in the wake of Cam Ward’s injury.

    • Someone at Lucasfilm heard about Ilya Bryzgalov’s Star Wars mask…and made him change it.

    • Tampa’s Mathieu Garon joined half the league’s goalies in sick bay after suffering an undisclosed injury. Sounds like coach Frantz Jean better keep his pads handy.

    • Here’s the perspective from Buffalo on Patrick Kaleta’s five-game suspension. Shockingly, shockingly, I say, it is sympathetic to a player who says, “I have changed my game.” That’s probably true. Last year, Kaleta would have crosschecked Brad Richards in the head instead of the back.

    • A survey suggests that Canadians favor adopting the larger European-sized ice surface. This idea isn’t going away any time soon.

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  • Published On Mar 05, 2013