Video: Little kid beats the living snot out of Evgeni Malkin

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By Allan Muir

Doesn’t matter who you are in this game. You can’t let anyone push you around . . . even in the handshake line.

And during a recent charity game that featured some of Russia’s top stars, this unnamed seven-year-old wasn’t in the mood to take any crap from anyone. So when Evgeni Malkin popped him in the head, things got ugly in a hurry.

Hey, that’s every little kid’s dream right? To meet his favorite professional athlete . .  .and beat the tar out of him.

It wasn’t long before a yard sale was in progress, with gloves and sticks flying while two officials stood nearby — and out of harm’s way.

In the end, Malkin succumbed to the pummeling, prompting Flyers GM Paul Holmgren to offer the kid a three-year entry-level contract.

  • Published On Aug 26, 2013